Monday, February 27, 2012

...Birth, birth days, rebirth...

Tommy Matkowski is a daddy! 
Tobias Matkowski was born on Valentines Day which also happens to be Kris's daughter's birthday. (Cosmic coincidence?) 

My birthday was last Thursday and we had a stream of shows with, not only Brand New Sin but, our latest side project: HOBO GRAFFITI We landed a weekly gig at Wise Guys Comedy Club in Syracuse, NY every Wednesday. Our debut was last week featuring guest performer Jeff Jones.

Sample setlist-
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire
Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues
Stray Cats - Rock This Town
Bob Dylan - Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues
Tom Petty - American Girl
John Cougar - Crumblin Down
John Cougar - Authority Song
CCR - Fortunate Son
CCR -  Bad Moon Rising
The Doors - People Are Strange
Pretenders - Middle Of The Road
ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago
Led Zeppelin - Bron Y-aur Stomp
Traveling Willburys - End Of The Line
Social Distortion - Ball And Chain
Social Distortion - Through These Eyes
Social Distortion - Sick Boy
T-Rex - 20th Century Boy
Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil
Rose Tattoo - Rock N Roll Outlaw
Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee
Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Breeze
Misfits - Hollywood Babylon'
Misfits - American Nightmare
Misfits - Spinal Remains....
....including BRAND NEW SIN originals and much more...


The next night, Thursday, we jammed at the Fusion Room where there were a couple of us celebrating bdays...that was interesting...not boring...nope...

Friday BRAND NEW SIN played the legendary Electric Company with our good friends Brass Knuckle Intercourse - the owner, ZEE'S band. They kick ass and Zee is family!

Saturday our  BNS debut at Bogies in Albany, NY booked by Mike Valente from Black N Blue Productions. I like the way Mike does business. He's a man of his word, takes care of his bands and treats us with respect. BIG THANKS TO THE STAFF AT BOGIES

If you're in the Syracuse area stop into Wise Guys Comedy Club and Bistro drink and dance with HOBO GRAFFITI and check out this week's guest Ashley Cox


If you haven't heard, we have a new album called UNITED STATE - you can buy it here: you can preview it here:

Feel free to share this blog and any music of ours. It is greatly appreciated!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brand New Sin playing shows with Black Water Rising, January 2012.

Brand New Sin- Jan 25th, 2012

Hello Sinners! I hope 2012 has been bright for all of you through the common Winter blues. Brand New Sin has many new things on the horizon for this new year. We’d like to share a few of the things that will be coming up in the next week.

Mini New York run with Black Water Rising: This weekend (1/28-1/30) Brand New Sin will team up with long time friends Black Water Rising to do some New York dates. We’ve been wanting the share the stage with them again for a long time, so we are very excited about this! Black Water Rising will be playing old favorites as well as material from their upcoming album. Brand New Sin will be performing many tracks off our newest release “United State”.

The first show will be at the Mean Street Tattoo shop in my home town of Cicero, NY. Since the Tattoo Expo is being held this same weekend in Syracuse, our show at Mean St. is being staged as an “after party” for Expo attendees. With the professional stage and lay out at Mean Street Tattoo, it makes for intimate shows, with out sacrificing the “look and feel” of a club show. This will prove to be a great time once again!

Sunday’s show for the run will be at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn, and then Monday at East Hampton Bowl in East Hampton, Long Island. This is Black Water Rising’s stomping grounds, so BNS is very fortunate to play these two places for the first time with BWR! Info on these shows can be found here:

On Tuesday January 30th, Brand New Sin will playing a free performance at Looney Tunes in West Babylon, Long Island. This will be an acoustic performance and CD signing. Looney Tunes is a land mark CD/ Record Shop where many big name artists have come to meet fans face to face. We appreciate Looney Tunes allowing us promote “United State” and share music off of the album with fans. More info about this performance:

After this run we will be headed West to play some dates in Michigan. We’ll write about that next week. Thank you Sinners for your support and kind words about “United State”. It means a lot! We hope to see you at one of these NY shows. If not now, we will see you in the future in a town near you. Thanks again, and discover your own new sin each new day...  


Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Lakes Run.

A couple weeks ago we jumped in the van and headed west for some shows around the Great Lakes. It's a convenient run for a band since there are plenty of Rock and Roll markets along I-90!

Saturday November 5, 2011:
We drove over night to save some time and relax in Detroit for a little while and maybe catch some zzzzzs. We still had some time to kill so I wanted to drive by the next day's video shoot location and check it out. While driving around we noticed some politically-charged signs and tents near a group of people. On a whim, we stumbled upon Occupy Detroit! So, what did we do? What do you think we did?....

Later that night we played The Ritz in Warren, MI (for the second time) with Jakkd, Xfactor1, A Year in New York. Thanks to Jamie Sgroi and Roni for having us.

Our last show there was back in February. Nice venue, cool staff, great sound. We hooked up with some long time friends and made some new ones. They booked us again February 11, 2011.
The next day we filmed a video for the song "The Lord Came Down" in the old NBC building in Detroit.

This was the former home of the "National Biscuit Company", not National Broadcasting Company (for the record). The director, Eli Brown is full of energy and has great vision. This video is going to kick ass! We met the owner of the record label, Mark Nawara - Goomba Music and got to meet up with our old friend and A&R rep Tim King from the band SOiL and our marketing director Len Moore.
We drove to Chicago, since it was on our way to the next show near Milwaukee, and spent the night at our friend Johnny's from the band Beneath Me. We toured with them back in February. Great band and really nice guys.
We stayed with our friend Nikki (near Milwaukee) who we met years ago on tour with Motorhead in 2005. Nikki and her friend won tickets to the show through a radio station and met us back stage. We've been friends ever since (including her kin: Mitch, Kory and Mike).

We played a long show, both acoustic and electric, at Shooters in Sussex, WI.

Our good friend Jaymz Lennfield from Beatallica provided sound for us and really made this show happen. Special thanks to Nikki again for booking us.
We jammed at The Underground Lounge in Chicago, IL thanks to our friend and fan (DJ Eleven) from Club Neo.

Thanks again to Jaymz for helping us find an opening band - Dead Man's Wake. Creative songwriters and energetic live show.
This show was booked at the last minute (just a few days prior) at Planet Rock in Battle Creek, MI.

We are very thankful that the owner allowed us to open the show. There was a good crowd early in the night and we had a blast. We made some new friends including the bands 8 Foot Grimmiss, Elegant Junkie, and D-Day. Good stuff.
We capped the week off with a show at Chuggers in West Seneca, NY with Brass Knuckle Intercourse (Utica) and Stemm (Buffalo). The owner Mike is a rowdy, kick-ass host and the staff is great!

Special thanks to our friends Red Brue and Sam Jackson for making the long drive to see us and thanks again Sam for taking care of us (she got us home safely).

Each of the venues asked us back so we're going to re-create this Great Lakes run in February!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


This past Tuesday our new album, "United State" hit the shelves in FYE stores across America! Soon it will be released in Europe and beyond. United State is also available on Itunes and several other MP3 retailers with 13 tracks. The physical CD, which has 3 bonus tracks, can also be found on and at Brand New Sin shows, but you will find it cheapest through our record label: Goomba Music (click the album cover).

Here's what people are saying about it:

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brand New Bag


By Jessica Novak 

On May 11, Goomba Music, LLC, issued a press release announcing their latest addition to the label: Syracuse’s own Brand New Sin. The four-piece signed a worldwide marketing and distribution deal, different than label agreements they’ve had in the past.
A recent label signing makes life much easier for Brand New Sin

It hasn’t been easy for local hard rockers Brand New Sin. But when has rock’n’roll been easy?
On May 11, Goomba Music, LLC, issued a press release announcing their latest addition to the label: Syracuse’s own Brand New Sin. The four-piece signed a worldwide marketing and distribution deal, different than label agreements they’ve had in the past.
With Goomba, the band—Kris Wiechmann on vocals and guitar, Chuck Kahl on bass, Kevin Dean on drums and guitarist Tommy Matkowski—will maintain both their copyright and publishing rights. Goomba’s team will help package, distribute and push their music to radio worldwide.
But the invitation to join Goomba wasn’t met immediately with open arms. When Tim King, bassist for the Chicago band SOiL, texted Dean in February the message, “Hey man, want a record deal? Call me,” Dean was caught off-guard.
“I’m looking at it in disbelief, thinking, ‘Shit, I hate labels,’” Dean remembers. “But I called him right away and {King} said, ‘I just joined Goomba Music and we’re looking for new artists. I pitched you guys, we went through your whole archive and I told them all about you and you’re exactly the type of band they’re looking for.’ Meanwhile, we’ve got a record ready, so it’s perfect timing. I’m like 5 years old again, all excited. Nervous though.”
Brand New Sin met King while their bands toured together in 2007. The relationship paid off as King watched the band’s career for the years in between as, what Dean calls, “an anonymous fan.” As a result, Brand New Sin is currently recording at the new SubCat Studios, 219 S. West St., and anticipates wrapping by mid- to late June, with the CD set to drop later this fall.
For a group that has survived multiple labels and musician lineups, the new partnership approach, coupled with the excitement of the new SubCat digs and the chance to reintroduce Brand New Sin as a band with worldwide appeal, has each member reinvigorated.
“It’s so refreshing that the label is actually into it,” Kahl says. “For the label to seek us out and be excited about it rather than us hounding {them} and getting shelved. . . it’s a mutually positive relationship and we’re really excited about it.”
While other labels had put in the time and money to get Brand New Sin out around the world as far as the United Kingdom, as they toured with popular acts like Saliva, Mushroomhead, Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist) and The Cult, the band fell victim to unrest among members and mismanagement among labels.
When lead singer Joe Altier (now known as Just Joe) left the band in 2008, auditions for a new singer brought Joe Sweet into the fold. Sweet stayed for about seven months until priorities at home prevented him from touring. As the group once again pondered their next move, Kahl and Dean asked Weichmann to step up and sing. As the primary songwriter for several years, Weichmann had been teaching the songs to the previous vocalists anyway, so it made sense for him to embrace the microphone, starting with his singing chores on 2009’s Distilled.
Issues among labels erupted in several fashions. “We were with one label {a division of Sony} for almost a year that didn’t want us to gig: no tours, no shows,” Dean says. “We had to submit demos until they had a hit, like 40 or 50 or 60 demos.”
On a later label, Century Media, Dean recalls being grouped with metal bands that didn’t match their style and being denied opportunities to be seen and heard. “It wasn’t our vibe,” Dean says. “Radio stations would get submissions from Century Media and think, ‘Oh, just throw it in the metal pile,’ without even hearing us. Just figure it’s another crappy, screaming band.”
Furthermore, because Century held Brand New Sin’s copyright and publishing rights, any use of their music had to be approved by the label for use and tours could be denied as well. “Century Media didn’t think it was important that we try and get into the Touch- Tunes digital jukeboxes and ‘recommended’ that we not go on a tour of Europe even though it was offered to us,” Dean says. “So we really got a bad taste in our mouths from record labels. Until this.”
Indeed, by having a team behind them to help with touring, marketing and radio exposure, all while the group maintains their copyright and publishing rights, band mem bers can breathe a sigh of relief. “It’s not a traditional record deal, but maybe that model wasn’t the best in the first place,” Wiechmann says. “This deal is more modern. The label is pioneering a new idea. We’re ready for it.”
It’s been an exhilarating run for Brand New Sin and one littered with challenges. But the musicmakers feel excited and lucky to be where they are today. “In this business there are extreme highs and lows,” Weichmann says. “Sometimes I feel like shit, depressed, but it always feels good to know something’s going to last. I’m happier than hell with these songs. The last album proved to people who had given up on us that we’ll keep going even after being knocked down so hard. We did this ourselves and we’re on our feet again. We can feel good.”
Brand New Sin has an upcoming gig on Saturday, June 18 at Mac’s Bad Art Bar, 1799 Brewerton Rd. For more information, call 455-7223.

Gaga over Goomba: Brand New Sin players (from left, Kevin Dean, Chuck Kahl, Kris Wiechmann and Ron Keck, principal owner of SubCat) are currently laying down tracks at the brand-new SubCat Studio for an upcoming album on the Goomba Music label.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1,000 words

Brand New Sin at the House Of Blues Chicago, IL February 13, 2011
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